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Carved southwest fetishes

I have to admit a weakness for southwest art and jewelry. I love animals of all kinds so animals fetishes are my favorite. According to tradition, a fetish is more than just a carving. It's a symbol that is said to capture the essence of the animal and impart those qualities to its owner.

White wolf fetish

We feature different animal fetishes in our Copper Canyon series, the latest being Secrets of the Lynx. In this book Paul Greyhorse, a former US Marshal shot in the line of duty, is now home for good. Paul's fetish is the Lynx - and this gives him the power to uncover secrets, no matter how deeply hidden. When the sniper who ended his career and killed his partner comes to town, he joins forces with Deputy US Marshal Kendra Armstrong to track the fugitive down.
Secrets of the Lynx was a lot of fun for us to write, but at its heart is the story of the fetishes given to each of the brothers in the Copper Canyon series.
Here is another example of a carved fetish:

Bear hunting fetish



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  1. I also love the Zuni fetish carvings. I have a friend who got me interested in collecting, and in 1991 we went on a trip to New Mexico, where she got me started. I mostly collect mountain lion fetishes. I have a beautiful Andres Quandelacy mountain lion fetish necklace with a total of 15 fetishes; 14 smaller ones and one larger central fetish. They are carved from fossilized walrus tusk ivory, with turquoise “heart lines” and jet eyes. It’s one of my favorite items. They are definitely a special art form.

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